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Speakers and abstracts

Speaker(s) Lecture title Downloads
Paul Noorlander
Leiden University, Netherlands
Kurdish and Eastern Neo-Aramaic in contact: Reviewing possible contact phenomena
Geoffrey Haig
University of Bamberg
Object drop in Kurdish: Do pronominal clitics make a difference?
Zaniar Naghshbandi
Bu-Ali University, Hamedan, Iran
Argument strength and differential case marking: Some evidence from Hawrami
Songül Gündoğdu
University of Boğaziçi
The vP domain in Kurmanji: Argument-adjunct distinction
Lokman Turgut
University of Erfurt
Oral literature, its future perspectives and its role as reference for vocabulary change in Kurmanji
Thomas Jügel
Frankfurt University
The chronology of grammatical changes in Kurdish
Ergin Öpengin
LACITO-CNRS, Paris III, France / University of Bamberg
Clitic person markers across Kurdish: Functions, placement and alignment
Christoph Unger
University of Mainz
Behdînî Kurdish modal particles and da, procedural semantics and language variation
M. Şerif Derince
Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey
Evaluating the recent developments in Turkey's language policy: Change or continuation?